Wednesday 01 April 2020 08:00 AM
TO Monday 06 April 2020
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UCL - Doing and Using Educational Leadershp and Management Research

This program will develop an understanding of how to lead and manage educational improvement in the school sector. 'Doing and Using Educational Leadership and Management Research' module is strongly recommended as preparation for the MA dissertation.

This optional module (30 credits) will draw on relevant and research critiques to encourage participants to reflect on and critically examine their own practice as educational leaders and managers who make use of and undertake research and make informed judgements about the utility of those different approaches. Participants will apply the principles of research deign to formulate research questions and select appropriate research methods and/or identify existing data sets appropriate for answering those questions. This will include reviewing published literature, identifying research problems, handling data, interpreting results, and disseminating findings in a way that it is consistent with professional practice and normal principles of research ethics. Participants will also explore how to use educational enquiry for institutional and individual development.