Thursday 09 April 2020 08:00 AM
TO Thursday 09 April 2020
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Child Protection Officer Training L3

The Child Protection Officer Training offers school appointed CPOs the opportunity to learn all matters relating to safeguarding and child protection that serve the best interests of the child.

CPOs will use Qatar Foundation/ PreUniversity Education safeguarding/child protection policies to cultivate a culture of safeguarding and child protection in schools, examine ways to deal with child protection concerns and identify specific types of abuse (i.e. grooming, peer-on-peer abuse, etc.) Participants will also understand reporting procedures, learn how to manage dealing with allegations of abuse made by members of staff and proper record keeping in schools. The training is offered as an equivalent to the Designated Safeguard Lead Level 3 certification. Attendees will receive certificate of attendance, six-hours of professional development and must renew the training every two years.