Monday 09 December 2019

Qatar Association of IB World Schools

EDI hosts a meeting with Heads of IB schools and coordinators to activate the Qatar Association of IB World Schools.

"The Education Development Institute (EDI) invited the Heads of IB schools and IB Coordinators in Qatar to meet on Tuesday, November 26, 2019. Present in the meeting was Mrs. Mary Tadros, IB Development and Recognition Manager for the Middle East, who shared her extensive experience regarding the role IB associations can play in their respective countries in supporting the vision and mission of the IBO.  
The goal of the meeting was to activate The “Qatar Association of IB World schools”. The Association will allow IB schools in Qatar to have a stronger voice with the IB and help leverage the IB education with local and regional partners, including universities and the Ministry of Education. Participants discussed the benefits of such an association and started thinking about its constitution and the nature of its activities. EDI concluded the meeting by sending a draft plan to the participants. A group of Heads of schools will write the Association’s constitution and send it for approval by all members."